Day 1: The morning after The Last Supper

After a few days psyching myself up I am ready to start. Last night was The Last Supper where I was for the last time before the end of this experiment (not sure when that will be) allowed to purchase and eat anything of origin, British or not. (The rules of the experiment are that I am only allowed to purchase British origin food/drink to consume; it is ok to eat what I already have that is foreign origin and to eat it at someone else’s house etc. I just only want to buy British from now on.

So I chose to order from my favourite chinese place The Panda Garden, Ruthin. I ordered some of my favourites: steamed prawn dumplings (v.good), duck chow mein (ok), crispy seaweed (way too sweet and salty, awful) and veg spring rolls (v.good). I also managed to down 4 cans of Pepsi (Cola is my alcohol) and several slices of Parkin cake for dessert. What is it about upcoming intentional food restriction that makes you overeat? I know that I will have to give up cola (possibly my favourite thing in the world) and am not looking forward to a caffeine free life but also the taste as well I will miss: since it is made from exotic ingredients like cinnamon and citrus oils. I don’t really care for Coca-cola (I’m one of those freaks who genuinely prefers Pepsi) but the prospect of having to do without all cola for well, maybe forever, is just so scary…hence the 4 cans in 12 hours binge…

Consequently due to the expected disruption to sleep I have had half the night and all morning to mentally plan for the next step: analysing my pantry and attempting to come up with some kind of British-origin only shopping list…to be tackled once I have caught up on sleep.



Day 1: The morning after The Last Supper

Day 0: The beginning

Why do I not know how to combine flavours and how to cook? I am 31 years old.

Why don’t I know what food is available when, food seasons still baffle me?

Why do I spend so much time and money trying to eat a ‘healthy diet’ but I am still tired and overweight?

Where has what I am eating come from?

I read that we should be eating local, fresh food. Wait what is this??

There’s only one thing for it: I shall have to go through everything I am eating with a fine tooth comb and only eat things, ingredients etc that have been sourced locally i.e. from the island of Britain, where I currently live. Hopefully this will enable the connection between my home and my diet, which I believe is my birthright, to be re-established.

Rules: No food or drink to be purchased except that which has been grown or reared within the British Isles. (Note: I am not currently sure whether Ireland should be included within ‘the British Isles’ and am hesitant to get political as this is supposed to be a food blog; the exact definition of ‘British’ will have to be another post.)

It’s time to change…or die trying.

Wish me Luck!!!


Day 0: The beginning